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We lead people in the Atlanta technology community into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

2019 Leadership Team

Cortney Alexander

John Avery

Ben Bailey

Justin Barber

Chris Baker

Kevin Beebe

Carel Bekker

Frank Bell

Cesar Berenguer

Jim Berryhill

Jim Black

Bird Blitch

Drew Bolton

Jason Brett

Kent Bridges

Dan Brown

Jeff Browning

Yvonne Bryant Johnson

Mike Burgett

Dexter Caffey

Curtis Cain

Rich Cannon

Ronnie Cannon

Walt Carter

Fernando Castano

David Clapp

Laurie Clough

Kyle Cochran

Mike Cote

Frank Dalton

Chris Damico

Eric Daniel

Chris Dardaman

James Davie

Bryan Davis

Dave Davis

Joe DeLisle

Bob Dow

Joyce Drake Ory

Nancy Du

John Duisberg

Ben Dyer

Dave Edmondson

Aline Eid

Clint Emerson

Rahel Elango

Matt Ethington

Jim Everidge

Marianne Faloni

Jonathon Fausel

Jed Fearon

John Field

Tim FitzGerald

Bob Fletcher

Ken Flynn

Rob Forman

Paula Fowler

Sam Galbraith

Kris Gamble

Bob Gargosh

Rusty Gordon

Marcus Graham

Shannon Grube

Mary K Guberman

Joan Guillory

Eric Handler

John Hanger

Price Harding

Jim Hasty

David Hauser

John Head

Jimmy Hester

Brian Hill

Patrick Hiller

Laure Hoffman

Shawn Holtzclaw

Chris Huff

Winnie Huynh

Todd Jarvis

Quincy Johnson

Julie Johnson

Kit Johnson

Tyler Johnson

Carrisa Jones

Chris Karabinos, Jr.

Chris Karabinos, Sr.

Andrey Karnauch

Finley Karry

Carol Kelly

Rebecca Kelly

Paul King

Lucius Koshy

Andy Kumar

Sean Lager

WD Land

Mike Lash

Doug Legg

Bill Leonard

David Lerner

Joe Licata

Jay Litton

Kevin Loechl

Jenny Lucas

Lynn Machleit

Rob MacLane

Kerry Mallory

Jeff Marion

Josh McAfee

Matt McConnell

Brian McCoy

Randall McCroskey

Daris McCullough

Paul McGraw

Scott McMichael

Jeff Meadows

Stacy Mellon

Jeffrey Meyer

Brian Miller

Sawyer Miller

Dave Mims

Bob Misdom

Mike Morris

Paul Morris

John Murray

Augustine Murthy

Mike Neumeier

Jim Norton

Wendy Norton

John O'Connor

Susan O'Dwyer

Jessica Olandt

Bryan Owens

Charlie Paparelli

Blake Patton

Vlad Pawlukowsky

Larry Pearson

Shane Peden

Matt Perry

Aaron Petty

Jason Phillips

Kyle Porter

Bailey Quintrell

Michelle Ragsdale

Paul Reams

Christian Ries

John Roman

Kyle Ross

Jason Routson

Mike Russell

Seth Ryan

Shawn Ryan

Erin Schroder

Mark Seeley

Oleg Sinitsin

Greg Sloan

Greg Smith

Kevin Smith

Matt Smith

Jason Smith

Scott Speckels

Shaun St. Hill

Matthew Stevens

Adam Strange

Dave Thiel

David Thompson

Darrell Thompson

Jake Thomsen

Jonathan Thurmond

Frank Tighe

Kyle Tothill

Justin Turner

Wade Vann

Jerome Vignale

Brett Virgin

Judi Vitale

Louise Wasilewski

Heinz Wegener

Scott Wells

Alan West

Russ West

Todd Weyandt

John Wichmann

Brent Wierson

Scott Williford

Tyler Winkler

Bryan Wolfe

Erin Yabroudy

Ron Yabroudy

Joe Yi

Board of Directors


Matthew J. Stevens
Chairman of the Board
Service Start Date: 2009

Matthew is the VP, Professional Services for Cbeyond. Prior to this he served as the President of High Tech Ministries and was instrumental in our growth and transformation. He has 20+ years of experience building and leading technology professional services businesses. He built his career on a foundation of technology having been a programmer, technical architect and DBA.


Dave Mims
Service Start Date: 2012

Dave is the Founder and CEO of Sophicity, a technology company with a focus on serving the local government and municipal league market for the past 12 years. Prior to starting Sophicity, Dave worked as a software developer for IBM and then Intertech Information Systems. He is a graduate of Southern Tech in Marietta with a bachelor's degree in computer science. Dave lives in Woodstock, Georgia with his wife, Marti, and 3 children. His family attends First Baptist Church Woodstock.


Jason Smith
Service Start Date: 2015

Jason founded iStaff in 1995 after several years working in both branch, corporate and management positions at AccuStaff, and was part of their successful IPO. He has more than 20 years of staffing industry experience. Jason is the founder of GTAP (Georgia Technology Awareness Program), a board member with High Tech Ministries, a member of C12, involved with Rainbow Village and FCS, an officer at Perimeter Church, and active in the IT community.


Matt McConnell
Treasurer of the Board
Service Start Date: 2010

Matt McConnell is President and CEO of Intradiem, an employee productivity software company. He has spent the last 15 years building and growing Intradiem into the leading provider of employee productivity and performance software in the call center industry. Prior to starting Intradiem, Matt worked as an engineer for the Coca-Cola Company. He is on the Board of Directors of The Men’s Health & Wellness Network and serves as a volunteer at Camp Sunshine and MUST Ministries.


Marcus Graham
Service Start Date: 2014

Marcus is the Founder and CEO of GM Voices, the world’s largest producer of prerecorded voice-overs for technologies like telephony/IVR, GPS, eLearning, and in-queue messaging for call centers. With a passion for business storytelling, Marcus is most involved with creative multimedia projects that help GM Voices, its partners, and customers tell more effective stories in the marketplace. Marcus’ hobbies include guitars, hunting, hiking, reading, and traveling with his wife, Karen.

Patton, Blake.jpg

Blake Patton
Service Start Date: 2018

More information about Blake coming soon.


Mike Morris
Service Start Date: 2018

More information about Mike coming soon.

Bruce Cook-High Res.jpg

Bruce Cook
Service Start Date: 2018

Bruce served from 2007 - 2010 and is back again in 2018. More information about Bruce coming soon.



Charlie Paparelli

Charlie is President and Founder of Paparelli Ventures, a pre-formation investment company focused on entrepreneurs in the Atlanta technology market. PV has funded over 16 Atlanta startups in the last 15 years. Currently, he is the managing partner of his two active investments, iPartners, LLC and Torad Engineering, LLC.

Charlie has more than 30 years of experience in the information technology industry serving as entrepreneur, executive, IT Services incubator founder, and venture capitalist.


Amie Hood
Program Manager

Amie joined High Tech Ministries in December of 2015. Before entering the High Tech community, Amie spent many years in the worlds of accounting and investment. She graduated from Kennesaw State University with a BS in Accounting. 

Amie has a grown daughter and enjoys spending time with her as much as possible. Amie also enjoys connecting with friends and family as well as hearing about people’s lives and their stories of redemption. 



Bill Leonard, Founder
Served 1993-2014

Bruce Cook
Served 2007-2010

Rusty Gordon
Served 2009-2014

Regi Campbell
Served 1996-2010

John Richie
Served 2007-2013

David Thompson
Served 2009-2012

Emma W. Morris
Served 1996-2007

Price Harding
Served 2008-2012

Brian Hill Headshot.jpg

Brian Hill
Served 2011-2017

Our  Logo

As we continue to grow and mature as an organization, we wanted to make sure our brand evolved with it. This logo brings to life our mission visually by representing the circles that we gather in.

From the High Tech Prayer Breakfast to the Bible Blitz, we've formed a community exploring faith in our workplaces and growing in fellowship together. But it doesn't stop there. We also create environments to encourage branching out and discipling in our workplace, in our city, and in our local communities. 


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