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HTPB Is hiring

Past program managers Amie and Nora describe what they loved about this job.

We need to find another Amie, and they don’t grow on trees!

  1. Be in prayer for her replacement. A table host, like yourself, found Amie. We want to repeat this success.

  2. See the job summary below. If you think of someone that could be a good fit, please have them email or message me on LinkedIn.

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Jason Smith
High Tech Prayer Breakfast

Position: HTPB Program Manager

Required background and abilities:

  • We desire someone who is called to work in ministry, not someone looking for a job.

  • Must be a follower of Jesus Christ.

  • Demonstrate the ability to work independently. Can take direction and run with it

  • Be HIGHLY organized and task-oriented.


  • Will be based out of an HTM board member’s office for 4 months during the initial ramp-up period.

  • Long-term can work from home or out of a space such as the ATV or WeWork, etc.

Key Duties:

  • Event coordination and management.

  • Overall coordination and assisting the board in the execution of the 1600-person annual prayer breakfast (multi-month life cycle ending in early Oct). This position will require longer weeks of work from the months of August-Oct with the last week of September and first week of October being 80+ hour weeks.

  • Coordinate weekly lunches. as well as monthly, quarterly and annual meetings between multiple parties and venues.

  • Engagement, coordination, and communication of and between a large volunteer pool

  • Accounting/Back Office.

  • Basic AP/AR duties. Not an accountant but will send invoices out of QuickBooks, track incoming donations, follow-up with a donor base of financial commitments, paying bills, and more.

  • Management of internal systems, compliance paperwork, etc.

  • Sales/Communication Administration.

  • Promoting HTPB on business social media. Must be currently active on business social media platforms.

  • Creation and execution of email campaigns and communication.

  • Attend Atlanta Tech events on behalf of HTPB.

  • Engagement and assisting in the administration of sponsors.