Bob Fletcher's Story

Bob Fletcher’s Story

Introduction by Rusty Gordon

I am excited to introduce my friend Fletch. He is a one of a kind in so many ways but the most important one is that he is a "what you see is what you get" kind of guy. He is a very good man and because of him, I am a better man.

As he will tell you his goodness comes from Jesus and the courage to get real. Jesus brought Fletch and me together. When Fletch speaks l listen. When he talks about Jesus I listen closely.
Watch now. I think you'll do the same.


Rusty Gordon
SpeedTracs America LLC

About the video

If you would like help in crafting your story, contact Todd Miechiels. His ministry, the, helps people like you and me develop our story and then capture it on video. 

He will take you on a spiritual journey which will bring you closer to Christ. It is a great experience and the next step in growing your ministry. Go to 315project.comand watch the 2-minute video. Then contact Todd to find out more. -cp