Amie Hood's Story

Do you need to be reaffirmed?

We commit our life to Jesus Christ. In what seems like a blink of an eye, we are living our life. We want to make the right decisions, hang with the right people, and achieve our goals. 

But it's not enough. 

We want to be affirmed. We need people to say, "Yes. You really are okay. In fact, you are better than okay. You're great!"

My co-worker and dearest friend Amie Hood shares her journey for affirmation. Her story begins in an idyllic setting which overtime is enveloped by the chaos of life. 

Every day I work with this woman. 

She shows me what it looks like to follow Jesus. What it looks like to know you are loved in spite of how you might feel today.

I ask you to take a couple of minutes and watch Amie's story. She will remind you God's got this, whatever it is.
Charlie Paparelli
High Tech Ministries

About the video

If you would like help in crafting your story, contact Todd Miechiels. His ministry, the, helps people like you and me develop our story and then capture it on video. 

He will take you on a spiritual journey which will bring you closer to Christ. It is a great experience and the next step in growing your ministry. Go to 315project.comand watch the 2-minute video. Then contact Todd to find out more.