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How to be a Christian in Business

Share What's On Your Mind

Charlie Paparelli

This is part of a series on taking Jesus to work.

I was asked to present to Peachtree United Methodist Church on the topic of becoming known as a Christian. This forced me to think about what happened to me after I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.

You'll see how each step was guided by my good friend and mentor, Bill Leonard. Bill, with the prompting of the Holy Spirit, put me in situations where I shared my faith. Most of the time, it was by just being there, but sometimes I needed to speak boldly.

If you believe it and live it and share it, people won’t forget it.

In several conversations over a period of years, Richard Brock, my former partner in my first business, has repeated what Ricky Steele told him.

Richard brings it up whenever we are in the midst of struggling with a challenge he is facing. 

He tells the story like this: 

“I was attending a tech conference in Atlanta over fifteen years ago when I ran into Ricky Steele. In the conversation, I was telling him about a business problem which was bringing me to my knees. 

“Ricky replied, ‘Having faith in Jesus doesn’t mean you won’t have problems in your life. But your faith in Jesus will help you get through those problems.’”

Richard told me, “When Ricky said this, it didn’t mean anything to me. I just let it go. But months later, I found myself struggling again, and this time it was a personal issue. That’s when I remembered what Ricky said. It jumped into my head like he was standing next to me.”

He went on, “I can’t tell you how important Ricky’s belief statement was to me. I know Ricky is a Christian. He never hid that from anyone. But what he told me helped me grow in my faith, even though it took a while to become a part of me and what I believe. Now the first place I go when I’m struggling is to Jesus. And you know what? He gets me through whatever I’m dealing with at the time.”

The conversation Richard had with Ricky so many years ago literally changed Richard’s life. 

I’m sure when Ricky reads this, he isn’t even going to remember the conversation. He won’t remember what it was about. Nor will he remember speaking those two sentences. That’s because Ricky’s foundation is Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit who is within him.

Ricky thinks about Jesus because he walks with Jesus. The words he shared with Richard simply rolled off his tongue because he is a follower of Jesus. I know Ricky. He is a lot like me. If it is on our mind, it is out of our mouth. 

What I learned.

Being an active witness for Jesus Christ in the workplace is simple. It is an outpouring of who I am and how I serve. If I am serving myself that day, what I say doesn’t stick to anyone. If I’m serving Jesus, what I say sticks to everyone. 

I’ve run into people who told me, “When we met, you told me something I’ll never forget. It changed my life.”

I think of these as Holy Spirit moments. I know I am not capable of coming up with just the right words which change lives. But God is capable. He is in the changing lives business.

I always ask, “What did I say?”

Then they tell me and I say, “That was good, really good. I know it didn’t come from me. That was the Holy Spirit speaking through me.”

God uses us wherever we are. Just tell people what’s on your mind, trusting He put it there.

This series was originally a talk. To listenclick here.