Brian Hill's Story

Charlie Paparelli

I met Brian 15 years ago at a High Tech Prayer Breakfast leadership meeting. I remember the story he told me like it was yesterday. 

He said, "I was a follower of Jesus Christ and working for a tech company in Atlanta. I wasn't sure how to be a witness for Jesus in my workplace. I was really struggling with that. A friend of mine, who I wasn't sure was a Christian, invited me to the prayer breakfast. I walked into the Cobb Galleria that morning, and I got it. I understood the purpose of the Breakfast in an instant. I said to myself, 'Where has this been all my life?' And that was my first breakfast."

Brian stepped into leadership quickly. He volunteered to lead the HTM Golf Tournament and did it for several years. He also was a two-term Board member. He is still an active Table Host and promoter of the Breakfast. And most importantly, a good personal friend and brother in Christ. Please take the time to enjoy Brian's story and how God blesses a man of God.
Charlie Paparelli
High Tech Ministries

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