Marcus Graham's Story

Charlie Paparelli

Matt Stevens asked, "If anyone here is interested in becoming one of the first sponsors of the High Tech Prayer Breakfast, talk to me after this meeting." The meeting ended, and I was talking to Matt and here comes this man I never met.

"Hi, I'm Marcus Graham of GM Voices. I want to be a sponsor. How much is it?"

That was over ten years ago.

Marcus is a board member, sponsor of the High Tech Prayer Breakfast, friend and devoted disciple of Jesus Christ. I knew bits and pieces of his story, but this video captured me.

I could not stop watching.

Take a few minutes to hear Marcus relate how he became the spiritual leader of his household because of the prayers and witness of his mom.

About the video

If you would like help in crafting your story, contact Todd Miechiels. His ministry, the, helps people like you and me develop our story and then capture it on video.

He will take you on a spiritual journey which will bring you closer to Christ. It is a great experience and the next step in growing your ministry. Go to and watch the 2-minute video. Then contact Todd to find out more.