Why Weekly Bible Studies Will Change Your Life

“Since you’ve taken a job so close to my office, would you like to attend my Friday morning Grace@Work Bible study? You are just starting your career, and it will give you a great opportunity to meet new people and get to know God personally,” I said to my daughter Julia.

A Critical Insight

“Who normally attends?” she asked.

“We have people of all ages from all walks of life. Most are Christians, but some are just interested in the Bible,” I said.

“What time does it start?” she asked.

“Seven a.m. But we serve coffee and breakfast,” I said, hoping it was enough of an enticement.

She replied, “I can tell you this. Anybody who goes to a 7 a.m. Bible study every week is not just interested in the Bible. They are seeking God, and they are on their way to becoming Christians.”

This stopped me cold. I thought it was a great observation. It sounded like truth.

When Did You Become a Christian?

Just a few weeks later, Nora, one of the attendees at the Friday study, said she became a Christian. She said this casually while offering her ideas and experience on a scripture we were discussing.

I said, “What a minute. When did you become a Christian?”

“I’ve been sitting in this study for the last four months. Every week we are reading and discussing the Bible, the God of the Bible and our relationship with Him. I don’t remember what was said at one of the sessions, but I suddenly knew it was all true,” she explained.

“That very night I went home and admitted I was a sinner and asked Jesus to be Lord of my life. He came into my heart and changed my life,” she continued.

“Just like that?” I asked.

“Just like that,” she answered.

Practical Biblical Wisdom

My personal experience and observations match this conclusion.

The church has it right. You must make a weekly commitment to learn about God. A time you set aside to meet with others to read and discuss the Bible.

God even made a commandment to be sure we would do it: “Remember the Sabbath day.”

He knew if we would just spend one day a week with him, we would know the truth and the truth would set us free.

A Surprise Ending

Craig Calloway, our keynote local speaker at the 2000 High Tech Prayer Breakfast, gave this advice after sharing his story, “If you are not a Christian or spiritual person, don’t stop pursuing it (faith).”

He came to accept Christ as his personal Lord and personal Savior because of a weekly breakfast with his friend Regi. Regi Campbell had enough of the water cooler conversations with Craig about God.

He said, “If you really want to know the truth about Jesus Christ, commit to meeting me for breakfast once every week.” Craig agreed. They met for breakfast every week for two years.

At each of those breakfasts, they would discuss the Bible and even some books Regi recommended. The purpose of the weekly meeting was to talk about God.

As Regi tells the story, one day he just had it. He was talking to Craig, and Craig countered with one more argument against the truth, and Regi said, “Fine. I’m done with you. Believe what you will believe.”

Surprised, Craig said, “I love you and appreciate you. You met with me every week for two years, and you are one busy guy. I believe Jesus is God, and he came to save me from my sins and make me right with God. I just didn’t want to say it to you because I don’t want to stop meeting with you every week.”

Your Turn

Make an appointment with someone you love to talk about God for an hour every week. It could be a breakfast, a lunch, a Bible study or attending church together. Just make sure it is weekly.

Two Videos Worth Watching

Nora Charlesworth’s (formerly Nora Church) story from the 2012 High Tech Prayer Breakfast.

Craig Calloway’s talk from the 2000 High Tech Prayer Breakfast.

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