Your Ministry Needs Your Help


"I am not confident we will raise the money we need to raise this year," said the Director of Advancement to Dr. Bruce Wilkinson, President of Walk Thru the Bible.

My friend, Dr. Wilkinson recently told me this story. He said it was 2008, the year of the market crash. Housing values plummeted, and each day the Dow was setting new daily lows. The nation was feeling poor. Collectively, our net worth declined by 35%.

This was the climate when his Director of Advancement approached him with this warning.

"Why do you say that?" Bruce asked.

"I've been talking to some of our bigger donors, and I am getting the feeling they will be pulling back. If the big donors are reducing their commitments to us, then the smaller donors will follow," he explained.

“We have only one donor," Bruce said.


"God!" Bruce declared.

"He called us to this work. Our job is to please Him. We do this, and we will be fine,” he continued.

They hit their fundraising goal!

I'm struggling with fundraising as the leader of the High Tech Prayer Breakfast.

Just last month I was in our quarterly board meeting. I gave these wise and godly men an update on 2017 and outlined the strategy and goals for 2018.

Then I told them we need to raise over $60,000 from individuals. It sounded like a big number to me. But Bruce’s answer to his director of development keeps playing in my head.

God blessed our ministry mightily in 2017. I outlined 21 significant accomplishments of the ministry at the board meeting.

Most importantly we stayed on mission by advancing the Kingdom of God in our Atlanta tech community. People came to know Jesus.

2017 HTPB highlights

Many people became first-time table hosts. This is big. These are leaders in the Atlanta tech community who stepped out as ambassadors for Christ for the very first time in their lives.

The rest of the tables were covered by leaders who have been table hosts multiple times, some for twenty-five years.

Many of our guests, coworkers, and friends, over 1,400 total, heard the Gospel. And they heard it clearly and compellingly from two respected venture capitalists. 

Many also responded and committed their lives to Christ. Over two dozen told us this happened to them while others kept it in their heart.

Two hundred of our tech community attended Blitz Through the Bible. Many moved to Grace@Work groups after this event. People in our community are meeting and studying the Bible every week led by these great Bible study leaders. God is changing our community one man and one woman at a time.

Many stories shared encouraging the 80 plus HTPB leaders at the annual post breakfast celebration. We heard the stories of people who came to know Jesus at the breakfast. Their stories were a great blessing and encouragement to all of us. God is working through us.

Would you consider becoming a monthly donor?

The High Tech Prayer Breakfast and all the activity which comes from it accomplishes our mission. This is because of you.

We are the ministry, and the ministry is us. The High Tech Prayer Breakfast keeps each of us active in the Atlanta tech community for Christ. It is our personal ministry. 

Is there a better ministry to invest in than your own? 

If each of us gave $10, $25 or $50 per month, our goal would be achieved. 

The Prayer Breakfast, the leadership meetings, the Grace@Work partnerships and the encouraging leadership will continue with excellence.

More importantly, the truth Jesus spoke to all of us 2000 years ago will become a reality in all our lives. Make this your ministry. To paraphrase Nehemiah: We are doing a great work.

Please join me and become a monthly donor. Click here to join the community of monthly donors.

Merry Christmas!

Charlie Paparelli is president of High Tech Ministries, angel investor and blogger. Twice each week email subscribers to his blog receive his thoughts on being a successful entrepreneur and Christian leader.