Speaking Truth in Love: Jason Smith


Jason Smith

An interview with Grace@Work Bible Study leader Jason Smith, President of iStaff

Jason Smith is one of the very best and most active members of the High Tech Prayer Breakfast leadership team. He is a table host with two tables, and he is always careful to invite friends, co-workers, vendors, and clients to this iconic event. 

He uses the prayer breakfast as his number one tool as an ambassador for Christ in the Atlanta technology marketplace. Jason is the founder and leader of iStaff, a premier staffing firm for technology and accounting professionals.

One day, Jason called me and asked me to lunch. He said, “We keep seeing each other at industry meetings but don’t know each other.” 

This is when I learned his story as a young man who grew up on the beaches of Jacksonville and who came to know Jesus as an adult. 

Jason is a good friend, HTPB Board Member and a great Bible study leader. Christ is the foundation of his family, and his business and all that wisdom and knowledge comes through in his study. 

If you live or work near Suwanee, or know someone who does, this is a study that is worth attending.


Charlie Paparelli
High Tech Ministries

Where: iStaff (Google Map)
Bible study leader: Jason Smith
When: Monday 7:15am - 8:15am
Open: Yes. Everyone welcomed.

How long have you been leading a Grace@Work Bible study group? 

Smith: 7 years

What were your fears or concerns before starting? 

Smith: I was a new Christian and didn’t have a high-level knowledge of the Bible.

What has been the single biggest reward of doing the study? 

Smith: Seeing others grow in Christ.

How do you continue to grow your study?  

Smith: I invite people personally and also our group members invite people. It is very organic. We are in Suwanee so we have to be intentional about inviting new members

What is a story of how your Bible study has had an impact on leading people into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ?  

Smith: I invited a friend to the study. At the first meeting, he announced, “I believe that all good people go to heaven.” He felt this strongly and didn’t seem open to debate.

We didn’t argue with him, we just loved him and spoke the truth in love. About two years later he professed Christ as the only way to heaven. 

Where does your group meet?  

Smith: iStaff’s offices in Suwanee, GA