How I Developed a Deeper Relationship with a Golfing Buddy


Invites Build Friendships

How the Breakfast Helped Me Develop a Deeper Relationship with a Golfing Buddy

“Our moral standards are established by our community at large, not from God,” said my friend Geoffrey.

That started it for me. 

I was sitting at dinner with Geoffrey, Phil, and Kent. We were in Hilton Head for our annual golf trip. We’ve been doing this get away for almost thirty years. It is always the last weekend of October. There used to be eight of us, but with life getting even busier, the crowd dwindled. But the four of us never missed.

Geoffrey was the grenade thrower. 

You know that kind of person. The one who always introduces a controversial subject by stating a strong opinion right from the outset. He’s doing it again, I would think. Over the years, he did it hundreds of times, and I used to bite every time. Eventually, only if it was important to me and those around us did I engage.

“The Bible, which is God’s word to man, defines the moral standard. God defines our moral standard,” I countered.

And off we went. 

We talked (and argued) for over an hour. Phil and Kent didn’t say a word. They just watched. As did the tables next to us. We were the evening entertainment. It was Geoffrey and me going head to head. 

His arguments were based on books he’d read and the life he’d lived. My arguments came from studies of the Bible and the life I’ve led. This included my life before submitting to Christ and after submitting to Christ. 

Geoffrey and I never discussed these topics until after I invited him to the High Tech Prayer Breakfast. I knew Geoffrey for six years prior to the invite. In fact, the invite to the breakfast provided me with a really convenient way to tell him I was now a Christian. 

I know the invite shocked him. 

He knew me intimately as we were partners in building a national business and had traveled together. 

Now I was inviting him to a “prayer breakfast.” He was quick to say yes so he might figure out what I was up to. I became a curiosity.

The breakfast changed our relationship. 

We stayed very close friends, but our conversations would always end in a faith discussion. He would give me books on what he believed and why he believed it. 

I would invite him to Bible studies, and he would attend. We never stopped talking about God. He was always fascinated by the change in my life.

Geoffrey died the weekend of our golf trip two years ago. I miss him terribly. Every time I watch or play golf, I think of Geoffrey. Every time I read the Bible, I want to reach out and tell him what God said to me. We were soulmates. 

Now Geoffrey is gone. 

I thank God for our friendship. But I also thank God for the High Tech Prayer Breakfast. It was this event which made a good friendship great. It allowed us to invite Jesus into our relationship. 

Charlie Paparelli is president of High Tech Ministries, angel investor and blogger. Twice each week email subscribers to his blog receive his thoughts on being a successful entrepreneur and Christian leader.