Bible studies that deepen relationships and build community



We have studies happening all around the city. Find the one closest to you!


Alpharetta - Intradiem

Meeting Time: Friday: 7:15 - 8:30 am
Leaders: Tim FitzGerald, Don Otto, Tomme Stevenson

Our Purpose: Exploration... we explore the Bible to facilitate growing and enriching our relationship with God.
We are a small group that meets every Friday off Haynes Bridge Road and Highway 400. There is no preaching or teaching, no theology – just weology and discovery.

AtlantaTech Village

Meeting Time: Thursday: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm                                                       Leaders: Joe Yi, John Duisberg, Kevin Sandlin, Wayt King

Our Purpose: To learn about Jesus through study and community so that we may grow in a relationship with Him.


Galleria 1 - Galleria 200 Building

Meeting Time: Friday: 7:00 - 8:30 am                                                                  Leaders: Bob Misdom, Don Schrenk

Our Purpose: To build a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through bible study and prayer.                                                                                                                               Coffee, bagels and fellowship start at 6:59 am, the study starts at 7:15 am. We meet in the 1st floor conf. room, past the elevators and to the right (next to the restaurant). Bring your prayers and praise because we end with that at 8:15 and we are adjourned at 8:30.

Meeting Time: Tuesday: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm (lunch provided)                                         Leaders: Courtney Alexander, Charlie Paparelli, Blake Patton

Our Purpose: Life Leadership Principles                                                                            

Midtown at the ATDC - Advanced Technology Development Center

Meeting Time: 7:00 - 8:30 am                                                                                         Leader: Keith Tallis

Our Purpose: Deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through study and prayer.               Over the past year we have studied the book "About My Father's Business," watched and discussed the video "The Forbidden Book," studied the books of Proverbs, Romans, and Matthew, studied Jesus' disciples, the concept of the Holy Trinity, comparison of the last chapters in the four gospels, the Four Prayers of Paul. The group discusses and decides on an agenda about once per quarter.

Norcross - Corner Bakery (In front of Dicks Sporting Goods)

Meeting Time: Monday 7:15 - 8:15 am                                                                             Leader: Jason Smith

Our Purpose: To bring Christ into our daily lives through studying the bible with business professionals.                                                                                                     We welcome Christians and non-Christians with or without any knowledge of the Bible. Our focus is on reading the Bible and interpreting it in light of itself rather than on any particular denomination. We meet for an hour every Monday and typically cover a chapter a week taking time to discuss each verse, its historical context, and how the book fits into the Bible as a whole. Please call with any questions: Jason Smith 678-858-8199.

Old Peachtree Road & I-85 - iStaff Offices 85 & Old Peachtree Road

Meeting Time: Thursday 7:00 - 8:00 am                                                                         Leader: Michael Musick

Our Purpose: To lead people into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.          

Peachtree Dunwoody       & I-285 - Concourse Office Park (Corporate Center 1)

Meeting Time: Monday 7:15 - 8:30 am                                                                             Leaders: John Head, Mike Morris

Our Purpose: Equipping believers in the Word for witness in the workplace.  

Perimeter 1 - ROAM Dunwoody

Meeting Time: Thursday 7:00 - 8:00 am                                                                         Leaders: Curtis Cain, Susan O-Dwyer

Our Purpose: To build a deeper relationship with God through prayer and Bible study.

Perimeter 2 - HA + W | Aprio 

Meeting Time: Tuesday: 7:15 - 8:30 am                                                                           Leaders: Sam Little, Tomme Stevenson

Our Purpose: Growing in Knowledge of God's love and grace.                                     This is an open group focused on studying complete books of the bible

Sandy Springs - MaxRecall Technologies

“Grace@Work has given me the opportunity to study God’s Word in depth and to discuss and share openly with my peers.”
— Jack Fullen, CEO of Beacon Software, Inc. and Grace@Work Participant