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Starting a Bible Study With Others Is Best

New Bible Study at ATV, You’re Invited

“I’ve been in a two-year discipleship program in my church. As we were about to start year three, I thought, Isn’t it time I discipled others?” said Joe Yi to me in late November.

God’s Call to Action

Joe was part of a Bible study I led at the Atlanta Technology Development Center a few years ago, and eventually he very ably led it himself.

He said God called him to work with me on starting a Bible study at the Atlanta Tech Village.

“Really?” I asked.

He said, “Will you meet with me so we can discuss it? I’ll meet you at the ATV. How about next Monday?”

Then I approached Kevin Sandlin who is the founder of the popular Pitch Practice community at ATV. He said, “I’d be happy to join you and Joe in a study at the ATV.”

God Moves, Even if I’m Not

I still didn’t do anything with these two guys except talk. As they say…talk is cheap.

Last week, Kevin sent me an email that said, “Please meet John Duisberg, believer and co-founder of a startup and long time ATV member. We had lunch today because he reached out to me about starting a weekly ministry at ATV.”

“This is unbelievable!” I said to myself.

Finally this week I received an email from an old friend, lawyer and successful entrepreneur, Wayt King.

He commented on my blog post and finished his email by saying, “Also, do you have Tuesday Bible studies up at ATV or elsewhere on the north side of town?”

Next: Date, Time, and Room

We talked by phone, and he said he wanted me to start a Bible study at ATV. He will help any way he can.

“What’s the next step?” he asked.

I said, “Set a date and time, and get a room reserved. Once this is decided, each of you will start inviting people.”

“OK. What’s the date we start this thing at ATV?” he immediately asked.

I gave him a date which I thought would work. He told me it is on his calendar. He is ready to get started.

We Serve an Awesome God!

This is how God works in calling people into marketplace ministry. They hear from Him and jump into action. They start reaching people like me who help them get started.

I’m confident through the able leadership of these four men (Joe Yi, Kevin Sandlin, John Duisberg and Wayt King), God will populate this study with people he wants to hear his Word.

I love the ATV culture. If you want to do something which will feed community, David Lightburn and his staff are all for it. In fact, they will jump in and help. Even for a Bible study. 

Thanks to David and Karen Houghton for your leadership and for trusting me with your community.

You Are Invited

The new study will begin on Thursday, February 2 from 11:30-1:00. Lunch included. You are welcome to experience it and become part of this new community. Signup here for more information.

Charlie Paparelli is president of High Tech Ministries, angel investor and blogger. Twice each week email subscribers to his blog receive his thoughts on being a successful entrepreneur and Christian leader.

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Celebrating The HTM Leader Community

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We often get asked, “How does everything at HTM get done?”  The answer is simple: The HTM Leader Community. This includes our Host Committee members, Grace@Work leaders, Discovery leaders, Event Planning Committees, iTeam, and Care Team. The Leader Community is the heartbeat of High Tech Ministries.

We also introduced a new role this year: Captains.  Captains are leading and caring for our leaders.

Without our Leader Community, High Tech Ministries would cease to exist. We are grateful for each of you, as you partner with us to lead those in Atlanta technology into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Who’s Who in the HTM Leader Community

Host Committee
David Adams
Mark Adams
Kent Antley
Emily Ashley
Gary Austin
Steve Bacastow
Gerry Balboni
Craig Baltes, Captain
Carrisa Baptiste
Carel Bekker
Frank Bell
Jim Black
Bird Blitch
Drew Bolton
Jason Brett
Kent Bridges
Dan Brown
Jeff Browning, Captain
Yvonne Bryant Johnson, Captain
Mike Burgett
Lynn Cagle
Curtis Cain, Host Committee Co-Chair
Rich Cannon
Julie Carlock Johnson, Captain
Paul Chason
Jeff Clark
Laurie Clough
Kyle Cochran
David Cochran
Doug Cunningham, Captain
Frank Dalton
Nancy Daves
Paul Davis
Bryan Davis
Mike Davis
Joshua Davis
Joe DeLisle
John Delk
Scott Dios
Bob Dow
Eric Dykes
Dave Edmondson
Sam Ehlers
Clint Emerson
Amy Evans
Jim Everidge
Randy Faile
Tim FitzGerald, Captain
Tim Foltz
Rob Forman
Paula Fowler
Sam Galbraith
Bob Gargosh
Chris Gatch
Kevin George
Gary Geurts
Bruce Gonzalez
Patti Gordon
Rusty Gordon, Captain
Brad Grafton
Marcus Graham
Mark Greef
Shannon Grube
Michel Guillet
Brett Hagler
Donald Hall
John Hanger
Polly Harper
Jim Hasty
John Head, Captain
John Hightower
Brian Hill
Jim Hilley
Doris Holmes
Chris Huff
Jerry Huskins
Lyndsey Inman
Quincy Johnson
Jeremy Joiner
Jason Jones
Andrey Karnauch
Rob Kent
Paul King
Jennifer Koon
John Kosar
Hans Kraeger, Captain
Lisa LaRoque, Captain
Doug Legg
Don Leigh
Bill Leonard
Joe Licata
Jose Loera
Woody Long
Jeff Marion
Brent Maropis
Josh McAfee
Matt McConnell
Doug McCroskey
Paul McGraw
Scott McNinch
Dan Mikkelson
Jon Mims
Dave Mims
Bob Misdom
Mike Morris
Duane Moyer
Jeff Muir, Captain
John Murray
Greg Muzi
Mike Neumeier
Jim Norton
Michael O’Brien
John O’Brien
Susan O’Dwyer, Host Committee Co-Chair
Wayne Odom
Jason Ogden
Charlie Paparelli
William Parker
Blake Patton
Larry Pearson
Glenn Pearson
Matt Perry, Captain
Virginia Persons
Janet Piper
Kyle Porter, Captain
Lisa Potts
Ken Rabun
Tim Ramsey
Paul Reams
David Reed
Robert Rhinehart
Andy Roberts
Tim Roe
Jason Routson
Shawn Ryan
Seth Ryan
Terry Sams
Tom Savini
Don Schrenk
Sam Schuessler
Chris Scrudato
Mark Seeley
Oleg Sinitsin, Captain
Greg Smith
Jason Smith
Luke Snider, Captain
Doug Starr
Ricky Steele
Matthew Stevens
Stewart Swanson
David Thompson
Wade Vann
Ranghan Venkatraman
Lissa Versteegh
Judi Vitale
Dan Webber
Heinz Wegener
Russ West
John Wichmann
Todd Wiedman

Discovery Leaders
Carrisa Baptiste
Sam Ehlers
Tim FitzGerald
Marcus Graham
John Harris
John Head
Brian Hill
Hans Kraeger
Doug Legg, Captain
Matt McConnell
Dave Mims
Martha Monroe Schuon
Hernando Montana
Wayne Odom
Don Otto
Dan Smith
Jason Smith
Luke Snider

Grace@Work Leaders
Cortney Alexander
Curt Cain
Scott Evans
Tim FitzGerald
Rusty Gordon
Dudley Larus
Dan McDade
Bob Misdom
Mike Morris
Michael Musick
Susan O’Dwyer
Don Otto
Charlie Paparelli
Blake Patton
Shawn Ryan
Don Schrenk
Jason Smith, Captain
Keith Tallis

Carrisa Baptiste
Bob Beard
Nora Charlesworth
Laurie Clough
Tim FitzGerald
Patti Gordon
Brian Hill
Lisa LaRoque
Ellen Ledbetter, Captain
Bill Leonard
Faye Leonard
Charleen McBrayer
Matt McConnell
Dave Mims
Martha Monroe Schuon
Hernando Montana
Susan O’Dwyer
Don Otto
Janet Piper
Jason Smith

Care Team
Jennifer Carson
Emily Fernie
Holly Fields
Donna Gallaher
Wayne Henderson
Carol Kelly
Rory Lawrence
Sandy Lawrence
Jessica Muenster
Camila Pineda
Melissa Preston
Gale Pride
Melissa Smith

HTM Classic Planning Committee
Katie Craft
John Head
Brian Hill
Seth Ryan, Chair
David Thompson
Kyle Tothill

HTPB Planning Committee
Marcus Graham
Michael Johnston
Matt McConnell
Dave Mims
Matthew Stevens, Chair
Cindra Vaden

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BOMGAR wins the 6th Annual HTM Classic

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The 2015 HTM Classic may have been threatened by rain, but the highly anticipated annual golf tournament was again a great success thanks to our incredible sponsors and celebrity golfers, led by celebrity chair Miriam McLemore, Corporate CIO of Coca Cola.

Combining friendly golf competition and fundraising for High Tech Ministries’ mission, we celebrate a community that values purpose and play and offer our congratulations again to BOMGAR. Team BOMGAR won the 2015 HTM Classic with their foursome consisting of Jim Norton, Greg Morrison, Josh Nelson and Scott Braynard. Enjoy your bragging rights until next year, guys!

And for helping High Tech Ministries raise over $93,000, we say thanks to our unique community of Atlanta technology professionals who have a passion for bringing the gospel of Jesus alive in our city, our profession and all aspects of life. We can’t thank you enough!

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1st Annual Technology Lunch at Leadercast

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On May 8, HTM partnered with Leadercast and presented our first Technology Lunch. Over 6000 technology professionals gathered at Leadercast to hear speakers like Peyton Manning, Bill McDermott of SAP, Seth Godin and Rudy Guilliani. Among those gathered,100 accepted our invitation to the HTM Technology Lunch where they heard timely thoughts from leaders in two segments of interest to the tech community. Adam Waid – Senior Manager, Client Advocates Pardot, A Salesforce Company and Col. (Ret.) Barry Hensley – Executive Director, Counter Threat Unit Dell Secureworks added valuable insight to an already powerful leadership event.

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Timing may be everything…but it is mostly out of my control

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A fellow HTM’er and I were talking the other day about the tension we often feel between the vocational reality of intense focus on results (KPI’s, MBO’s, Quotas, etc.) and the spiritual reality of having no control over the “results” of our personal service and ministry.  We noted that we are usually more able to see the  process of our walk with Jesus, than we are the payoff of changed lives.

My friend has been a faithful ambassador for Christ at his company for years (not perfectly, but consistently) with few visible results to ‘show for it’.   Then, recently, one of his colleagues began to change.  Up until a short time ago, that person had exhibited little interest in spiritual things.  For years he had ignored numerous invitations and opportunities for relationship.  “Suddenly” he began coming to a bible study that my friend and a co-worker host at their company.  He began engaging with my friend and others.  He is digesting God’s Word, wrestling with the implications of following Jesus, and demonstrating a changed heart and love for others.   In iMap terms, he is moving from stage B to C, or C to D in his personal spiritual journey.  This impactful, visible result seems random in its timing.

Intellectually, I know that my job is to plant and water seeds, and God’s job is to make things grow (I Corinthians 3:6-7).   But I also care about outcomes; and I am sometimes discouraged when the Holy Spirit’s timing is less than obvious (to me).  So what should be my response?  What is in my control, timing wise?   Two things come to mind.

1.  I can persevere.  I can persevere in serving others, coming alongside them and helping them on their spiritual journey at their speed and in God’s timing.  I can persevere in demonstrating love as a verb to the people in my work-life.  I can persevere in praying for them, and inviting them.

2. I can abide in Christ, applying the prayer model “ACTS” to my perspective on God’s timing.    Adoration:  praise God that He is always, lovingly at work in our lives.  Confession:  be honest to God when I am dissatisfied with His timing, and ask His forgiveness.  Thanksgiving:  thank Him that His timing is perfect.  Supplication:  ask Him to give me the strength to exercise control over the things He has relegated to my control–attitude, intentionality and behavior.

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3 simple things you can do in 2 minutes to help yourself and others

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The Prayer Breakfast is fast approaching and it is time for all of us to tune in and turn up the volume on our role within High Tech Ministries.   You are a vital part of our shared vision to be a light to the Atlanta technology community, and our desire to be a vibrant community of spiritual multipliers who lead people to a life-changing relationship with Jesus, who then lead others to a life-changing relationship with Jesus.

Here are three simple things you can do in two minutes for your benefit, and the benefit of your HTM colleagues:

  1. Mark your calendar for this year’s High Tech Prayer Breakast:  Friday, October 11 (6:00-8:30am).
    If you are not yet signed up as a Host Team member and would like to do so, click here now.  The 160 available tables are almost sold out.  This year’s speaker, Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware will have an extremely relevant business message (who doesn’t want to understand the cloud?) and a strong message about his faith in Jesus.
  2. Go to the HTM website and update your member information.
    We want to proudly acknowledge our relationship with you.  Simply having your profile up to date has an impact on your peers in the technology community beyond your awareness.    While you are on the HTM web site, take a minute to look around.  We are always adding new things, including an at-a-glance Calendar of Events.  Click on a Category to sort by event or meeting type.
  3. Register and attend the next HTM Community meeting on August 16th
    We want to see you!  Come and enjoy the company of your fellow ambassadors and Host Team members. We want to hear about what God is doing in your life and career.  You are a visible representation of HTM to other guests.   Your presence is highly valued.


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Prayer: The slender nerve that moves the muscles of omnipotence

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Who is the most powerful person you’ve ever met?

One person that immediately comes to mind for me is Al Harris, a former all-American college football player, NFL first round draft pick, and subsequent star defensive lineman with the Chicago Bears. He and I were in the same public speaking class at Arizona State University (many moons ago). Al was impressive on and off the football field. In the speech class, he spoke with articulate passion. Everyone paid rapt attention to his powerful presence.

Consider the power of the Person who has taken up residence in us—the Spirit of the living God. Why am I ever hesitant, nervous, doubtful, or indifferent about His presence, or about the power He has to change lives? Why am I not always paying rapt attention to His pursuit of my workplace colleagues, and the role He has for me in that pursuit? Why am I not continually engaging with Him in conversation (talking and listening prayer)?  I do not know.

I do know that the more I focus on the reality of His personal, purposeful presence in my life, the more confident and motivated I am in reaching out, in love, to the people in my spheres of influence. He has deliberately placed people in my path, and yours.

As you go about your work today, this week, this month…be mindful of the life-changing power of the One who has called you to be His minister of reconciliation. Pray that He reveals to you the people who are on His agenda, and put those people on your agenda. Be praying for them, and for the muscles of omnipotence to be moved for their well-being.

Suggested Next Step:  Create or update your iMap and be praying for those people.
Go to the HTM web site Resources tab > “Articles and Study Guides” for practical tools such as the iMap and Daily Prayer Guide

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Welcome to the HTM Blog

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Dear Host Team and HTM Community,

If you are like me, your email Inbox is overflowing.  You are inundated by a constant barrage of digital communication.  So why add an HTM blog to that mix?   Two reasons:

1.       To help keep us all on-mission as God’s “Plan A”:  ambassadors for Christ in our workplace.

The blog will focus on practical content for Host Team members and our extended HTM community as we love and serve colleagues, invest in relationships, pray for others, invite, and follow up with people throughout the year.   The goal is to help Host Team members get tuned in and tuned up in preparation for the Prayer Breakfast, and to encourage and equip our HTM community at large.

2.       To help us stay better connected as an HTM community.

Nothing replaces personal, in-person connection.  Emails are a one-way communication tool.  A blog provides a means for on-line interaction.  The HTM blog will be a forum for sharing your thoughts, questions, and stories with your HTM colleagues.  It is not for ‘President Todd’ to brand himself. It is a means for us to hear real life examples, challenges, victories, struggles, and successes as we fulfill our calling as ministers of reconciliation in our workplace spheres of influence.

What should you do?  Three things:

  1. Subscribe to the blog.
  2. Read and comment about the blogs that impact you.
  3. Share your thoughts, questions, and stories via a blog.  Call me or send me an email so I can include those things in the blog OR write something yourself and submit it (see HTM Blog Writer’s Guidelines for style, length, and topics).

I am looking forward to hearing from you and seeing how we can leverage this tool to encourage one another and spur one another on to good works.



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